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yangzhou kaixiang precision casting technology co., ltd

address:178 suzhong bei lu, baoying county, yangzhou city, jiangsu province

yangzhou kaixiang precision casting technology co., ltd. is a professional supplier with many years of experience in aluminum alloy die casting and processing. with the rapid development of china's automobile industry, the company has laid out its layout one after another, and successfully realized the full coverage of products from manual transmission fork and shell to dct, cvt, at, new energy vehicles and other shell and core components. at present, the company has also been involved in the development and production of communication and body lightweight structural parts.

the company is headquartered in yangzhou, jiangsu province, which is located in the yangtze river delta economic belt of china, only 300 kilometers away from shanghai, and has set up a branch company in the coastal city of yantai, and an office in europe. the company has yangzhou enterprise technology center, precision transmission parts engineering technology research center, with 86 middle and senior technical personnel, including 2 master students, many of them have more than 10 years of die casting and machining product development experience. the company is a national high-tech enterprise, a private science and technology enterprise in jiangsu province, and one of the top 50 die-casting parts enterprises in china.

the company has 39 sets of die casting equipment ranging from 280 tons to 4,000 tons, 15 fully automatic production lines, and another 216 vertical and horizontal machining centers with flexible production capacity. the transmission shell finishing workshop was rated as "2017 jiangsu province demonstration intelligent workshop".

the company is certified by iatf16949, is014001 and ohsas18001. at present, it is the only non-foreign/joint venture die casting enterprise recognized by hyundai motor in china and the strategic partner of bosch-uaes new energy controller assembly. it is also a supplier of die-casting products for gm, mann hummel, getrag and other international famous brands. some products are exported to europe through gm.

since its establishment, the company has developed rapidly, the investment scale continues to expand, supporting customers continue to increase. all the staff of the company make concerted efforts to provide customers with high-quality products and excellent service, and continue to win a bigger market and broader opportunities for development. we will work through the aspects of capital, technology, talent, and comprehensively promote kaixiang industrial robots, automated production line, the construction and development of intelligent workshop, accelerate the automation application of information technology in industrial products, to further increase the share of our enterprise intelligent industrial products, promote enterprise from "manufacturing" to "smart".