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what are the surface treatments of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy?-凯发真人平台

release time:2022-07-18 13:33

zinc alloy surface treatment has sandblasting, polishing, electroplating, makeup, electrophoresis and so on.

sandblasting is to use mechanical shot peening to treat the surface of zinc alloy casting into biter or flax sand surface effect.

polishing is to process the surface of zinc alloy casting into bright mirror effect by mechanical grinding.

electroplating is the use of electrochemical method on the surface of zinc alloy castings coated with a decorative effect of copper, nickel, chromium, silver, gold and other metal layers.

makeup is spray paint or varnish.

electrophoretic paint is a kind of paint that takes charge, fall in electric field action, the paint that takes positive charge or negative charge can move toward cathode or anode, deposit film on the surface, become paint film in course drying.