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aluminum alloy die casting manufacturers talk to you about the use and characteristics of die castin-凯发真人平台

release time:2022-07-18 13:40

aluminum alloy die casting is widely used, can be manufactured for die casting auto parts, die casting automobile engine pipe, die casting air conditioning parts, die casting gasoline engine cylinder head, die casting valve rocker arm, die casting valve support, casting power accessories, die casting motor end cover, die casting shell, die casting pump shell, die casting construction accessories, die casting decorative accessories, die casting guardrail parts, die casting wheel and other parts. points out that the die casting aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturer is a kind of pressure casting parts, is to use the installed pressure die casting machine die casting machine casting > will be heated for liquid copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy of metal poured into the die casting machine into the mouth, the die casting machine die casting, casting the shape and dimensions of the mould limit of copper, zinc, aluminium or aluminium alloy parts, such parts are often called aluminum alloy die castings.

about aluminum alloy die casting characteristics

because the metal copper, zinc, aluminium and aluminium alloy has good liquidity and plasticity, and casting processing is in pressure die casting machine casting, aluminum alloy die casting can make all kinds of complicated shape, can also make a higher precision and smooth finish, thereby greatly reducing the casting machining and metal copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy in the casting residual, it not only saves electricity, metal materials, but also greatly saves labor costs. while copper, zinc, aluminum and aluminum alloy have excellent thermal conductivity, small specific gravity and high machinability; therefore, die-casting parts are widely used in automobile manufacturing, internal combustion engine production, motorcycle manufacturing, motor manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, precision instruments, landscaping, power construction, architectural decoration and other industries.

next, aluminum alloy die casting manufacturers talk about the use of aluminum alloy die casting cooling system.

aluminum alloy die casting cooling water in the correct use of the case not only prolong the service life of the die, but also improve the production efficiency. in actual production, we often ignore its importance. operators also want to save trouble, so they do not connect the cooling water pipe because it is too troublesome to connect. some companies even do not use cooling water when customizing molds in order to save costs, resulting in very serious consequences. the material of the mold is generally made of special die steel through a variety of processing. no matter how good the die steel is, it also has higher properties of their use, such as temperature.

in the use of the mold, if the mold temperature is too high, it is easy to make the surface of the mold core early turtle crack, some molds even did not exceed 20 11 0 mold turtle crack on a large area. even in the production of the mold because the mold temperature is too high mold core has changed color, after testing even reached more than 400 degrees, such a temperature in the release agent cold state is easy to appear turtle crack, the production of products are also easy to deformation, strain, sticking mold and other situations. in the case of mold cooling water can greatly reduce the use of release agent, so that the operator will not use release agent to reduce the temperature of the mold. the advantages lie in effectively prolonging die life, saving die casting cycle, improving product quality, reducing the occurrence of sticking mold and strain and sticking aluminum, and reducing the use of release agent. it can also reduce the loss of rod and core caused by overheating of die.