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yangzhou kaixiang precision casting technology co., ltd

address:178 suzhong bei lu, baoying county, yangzhou city, jiangsu province

yangzhou kaixiang precision casting technology co., ltd. was selected as one of the top 50 die-凯发真人平台

release time:2022-07-18 13:43

for die casting in prone to lock "excellent die-casting enterprise", in the tide of development on industry resources support "excellent die-casting enterprises" development, at the same time to the "excellent die-casting enterprise" for example, to guide the common progress of the whole industry, china foundry association, since 2017, every two years "chinese die casting production enterprise comprehensive strength 50 strong". the selection follows the principle of voluntary participation of enterprises and does not charge any evaluation fees.

after fierce competition, 50 enterprises including shanghai pierberg nonferrous components co., ltd have been shortlisted. see the attachment for the list, which is now open to the whole industry until may 19, 2017.